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    Stages of Glucose Oxidation

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    In the process of GLYCOSIS (stage 1), the formation of PYRUVATE involves the reduction of the coenzyme NAD to NAD.2H

    Which other stages of glucose oxidation produce molecules of the reduced coenzyme, NAD.2H

    I am guessing at stages 2 & 3,

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    You were right, the formation of pyruvate involves the reduction of coenzyme NAD to NAD2H. The other stages of glucose oxidation where NAD2H are formed are the following:

    1. At the stage where the citric acid is oxidized in a series of reactions, by losing hydrogens and electrons to NAD, and oxalosuccinic is formed:
    Citric + NAD, "forming" Oxalosuccinic + NAD2H
    2. At the stage where alpha-ketoglutaric ...

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