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    oxidation cycle and ATP production from glucose hydrolysis

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    1. Oxidation of the fatty acid CH3(CH2)18COOH produces_______ molecules of acetyl CoA and goes through the B-oxidation cycle_____ times. Choices are: 1) 10,10 2) 9,10 3) 9,9 4) 10,9 5) 9,8

    2.In the chemiosmotic model of oxidative phosphorylation ATP is synthesized as???____ flows through_____synthetase

    3.Each mole of ATP stores 7.3 kcal of energy, which can be released by the hydrolysis of ATP back to ADP. How much energy does the body gain by oxidation of one mole of glucose?
    glucose+36ADP+36 Pi--------> 6CO2+36 ATP+6H2O

    b) if you expend 500 kcal in 1 hour, how many grams of glucose (molar mass-180g/mole) would you need to oxidize to produce this much energy?

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    1. there are 18/2=9 while the final one produces 2 acetyl CoA, so the ...

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