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Body Metabolism

Sports scientists distinguish between aerobic fitness (as achieved, for example, by long distance running) and anaerobic fitness (as achieved by sprinting exercise).
Why have they chosen these particular terms to describe these two aspects of physical fitness?

What are the various energy systems used by the human body and their role related to lactic acid during heavy exercise?

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Aerobic fitness is fitness wherein the body is providing energy needs through the complete oxidation of glucose. That means that glucose is being converted to pyruvate, then pyruvate is being oxidized to acetyl-CoA, then that is being run through the Krebs cycle to the completely oxidize it all to carbon dioxide. The reduced coenzymes like NADH and FADH2 are reoxidized by being run through the oxidative phosphorylation process (electron transport chain) in the inner mitochondrial membrane. The final electron acceptor is oxygen. This aerobic, ...