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Chemical Process in Muscles & Chemical Reaction After Exercise

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A freshman studying medicine at an Ivy League College is a part of his class crew team and exercises regularly. After a particularly strenuous exercise session, he experiences severe cramps in his thighs and pain in his biceps.

* Explain the chemical process that occurred in his muscle cells to cause this discomfort.

* Explain the chemical reactions that have possibly taken place in his body after the exercise.

* Discuss possible treatments for the freshman and how the treatment works chemically.

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The solution discusses the chemical process occurring in muscles and the chemical reaction that takes place after exercise.

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After a particularly strenuous workout, the body can cause a number of changes with respect to cellular metabolism. The body's cellular demands increase 100 fold with activity. The student's overall nutritional status and energy stores could effect how the body is able to meet metabolic demands. It is likely that the student effectively exhausted all his primary energy stores, forcing the body to resort to anaerobic metabolism. During anaerobic ...

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