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Human Physiology: Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Metabolism

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In the following questions, determine whether they are True of False, and explain your reasoning. (Text may be helpfull: Vander, Sherman & Luciano's, "Human Physiology The Mechanisms of Body Function")
Plese note that the following T/F are extremely misleading.

T/F The reason high humidity plays such a significant role in increasing the discomfort felt on very hot days is that it decreases the cooling properties of concudtion.

T/F When total-body energy balance is positive in an adult, energy is being stored as fat.

T/F In the normal lung, capillary osmotic pressure always exceeds filtration pressure and so absorption of fluid is the rule.

T/F A failing heart does not respond to increased end-diastolic volume by increasing stroke volume.

T/F The medullary cardiovascular center is the only part of the brain involved with the regulation of blood pressure.

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