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    Muscular Diseases: Mysethenia Gravis

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    Provide an overview of the disease process involved in Myesthenia Gravis.
    1. Describe normal anatomy/physiology of muscle contraction.
    2. Discuss the anatomy/physiology of the pathological process involved in Myesthenia Gravis. Specifically, focus on how normal anatomy/physiology has been altered to present the disease state.

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    1. Describe normal anatomy/physiology of muscle contraction.

    The normal anatomy and physiology of muscle contractions is that muscle tone refers to a partially contracted state of the muscles that is normal even when the muscles are not in use. The maintenance of this tone or tonus is due to the action of the nervous system in keeping the muscles in a constant state of readiness for action. When not used muscles tend to become flabby, weak and lacking tone. In addition to the partial contractions that are responsible for ...

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