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    Glycolysis Pathway questions

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    1) Glycerol can enter the glycolysis pathway by being converted to what?

    2) How many molecules of ATP are used up in the glycolysis pathway?

    3) How many pyruvate molecules are obtained from one molecule of glucose in the glycolysis pathway?

    4) How many molecules of ATP are produced in the glycolysis pathway?

    5) How many molecules of NADH are produced in glycolysis (before the Krebs Cycle)?

    6) What is the total number of molecules of ATP that are produced as a result of the glycolysis and the Krebs Cycle?

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    1) If the cell is operating under aerobic conditions (presence of oxygen), then NADH must be reoxidized to NAD+ by the electron transport chain. This presents a problem since glycolysis occurs in the cytoplasm while the respiratory chain is in the mitochondria which has membrane that is not permeable to NADH. This problem is solved by using glycerol phosphate as a "shuttle." The hydrogens and electrons are transferred from NADH to glycerol phosphate which can diffuse through the ...

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