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aerobic respiration of glucose

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I Ddescribe the biochemical pathways in the aerobic respiration of glucose and where each takes place within the cell.

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The aerobic respiration of glucose is determined.

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The aerobic respiration of glucose involves three major biochemical pathways, starting in the cytosol and ending in the mitochondria.

1. Glycolysis is a cytosolic process in animals, but can occur in both the cytosol and plastid in plants. In glycolysis, a sequence of 10 enzyme-catalyzed steps is utilized to partially oxidize glucose to create two molecules of pyruvate, a net gain of 2 ATP and 2 NADH. Relative ratios of ADP and ATP determine flux through glycolysis.

Although this reaction is sufficient for the energy needs of a single-celled organism, multi-celled organisms such as plants and animals have higher energy needs. Since 75% of the total energy is still available in the form of pyruvate, further catabolic ...

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