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Social Psychology

Modern racism, subtle prejudice or a microaggression

According to Social Identity theory, prejudice is derived from our tendency to divide the world into us and them and to view our own group more favorably than various out-groups. Can you help me with a brief description of an example that might be characterized as modern racism, subtle prejudice, or a microaggression. Also, can

HIV theories

What theories and research in social psychology could be applied to the spread of HIV? Point out weaknesses or gaps in the research that has applied these theories and findings to this problem or similar ones.

Sexual Issues Affecting a Couple

Explain the causes of two sexual issues or dysfunctions that may affect relationships. Explain the potential impact of each of these sexual issues or dysfunctions on a relationship, both intimately and overall. Explain how the life cycle of a sexual relationship and where a couple is positioned in the life cycle of their sex

Current Issues and Their Effects on Couples

Give an analysis of these two issues (finances, infidelity) affecting couples. Compare the ways in which each issue could potentially have an impact on a couple's relationship, using these attached articles.

Early Sexual Maturation/Sleep Stages

Please Avoid Plagiarism Early Sexual Maturation The age of entering into puberty has declined from 15-16 over the last century to age 11-12. At the same time, it has been observed that there has been little change in psychological and intellectual development. Read the Childhood Sexuality: An Interpersonal -Intrapsychic Inte

What is pro-social behavior? What motivation theories apply?

Offer a brief description of a situation in which you or a person you observed engaged in prosocial behavior. Discuss the factors that may have contributed to the motivation to help, including an analysis of how the five steps to prosocial behavior were involved. Also explain how one or more of the motivation theories applies to

Confrontation in Counseling

Briefly describe a situation in which confrontation could be used to effectively address perceived resistance from a client in a counseling session. Explain when, how, and why confrontation would be effective in this situation. Be specific. Explain the degree to which you are, or would be, comfortable using confrontation with

Culture and non verval communication

Give an explanation of when, how, and why silence is used in counseling. Then, provide a specific example in which using silence as a technique might benefit a client in a counseling session. Finally, explain the degree to which if you were the counselor would be comfortable using silence as a technique with a client. .

Motivation to help (Prosocial behavior - bystander effect)

What are some of the factors that may contribute to the motivation to help people in emergency situation, being attacked, etc., including an analysis of when the five steps of prosocial behavior is involved. Also, help me to explain how one or more of the motivation theory may apply. Can prosocial behavior ever be completely alt

Multicultural Counseling

Briefly describe a specific client population (culture, ethnicity, gender, diagnosis, etc.) that you think would be the most challenging for you personally to work with, and explain why you think working with this specific client population might be challenging for you. Then, explain how you plan to address these challenges to w

A brief description of an ongoing relationship you have had with a friend, partner, or spouse that has been satisfying, as well as one that started well but cooled over time. Provide references APA, evaluate the factors or processes that might account for the differing outcomes of these relationships. Then, identify at least three factors that contribute to the formation and maintenance of a satisfying relationship.

A brief description of an ongoing relationship you have had with a friend, partner, or spouse that has been satisfying, as well as one that started well but cooled over time. Provide references APA, evaluate the factors or processes that might account for the differing outcomes of these relationships. Then, identify at least thr

Family Therapy

Give a comparison of this two therapy models (collaborative language-based therapy models v cognitive-behavioral therapy models) noting their similarities and differences. Provide examples of under what circumstances you might apply each of the models and what the strengths and limitations are in these circumstances.

Micro skills 2

Explain how appropriate disclosure, proxemics, and eye-contact can be used, effectively, in two of the following types of counseling sessions: individual, couple, or family. Provide specific circumstances in which each micro-skill would be effective to illustrate your explanation. References Article: Haase, R. F., & DiMat

Clarify open-ended and close-ended questions.

Give one example of an open-ended question and one example of a closed-ended question that a counselor would ask a client. Then, briefly describe circumstances in which he /she would use each, and explain why. Finally, suggest one follow-up question for each that would add value to a counseling session, and explain why. Be speci

What contributes to attraction?

This solution understands what contributes to attraction and whether or not men and women seek different qualities and characteristics in a mate and why.

Discussion of HIV

Task: Briefly describe how to prevent the spread of HIV. Explain how one or more of the processes for attitude formation may account for the attitudes which individuals have towards the social problem are typically formed. Next, explain how attitudes toward the problem could be changed. prevent the spread of HIV, Please refe


What are the insights a counselor can gain about paraphrasing, active listening, reflection, and/or reframing as a result of the demonstration of these micro-skills?

Family Genogram

Construct a genogram for the Winchester family. Summarize the genogram you created by describing the roles and patterns that emerge in it, using concepts from these systems theories :General Systems Theory, Cybernetics, and Family Therapy. Explain how you believe genograms may be useful in couples and family counseling and Brie

Effectiveness of PSAs on Behaviour

What is brief description of a public service advertisement that attempts to bring about a change in attitude. Can you help me understand the approaches to attitude change used in the advertisement, and explain why you think the advertisement is or is not likely to lead to behavior change. Help me understand how I might alter th

Overview of family system

Give a brief description of the system dynamics of a fictional family or couple from a book, television show, movie, or other media source. Be sure to identify and describe specific examples of the following dynamics in the source you choose: permeable, diffused, and/or rigid boundaries; one subsystem; one supra system; one fami

micro skills

give a brief description of one of these micro-skill ( reframing or reflecting). Then, explain how the appropriate use of the micro-skill might help build a therapeutic alliance in a counseling session. Be specific, and provide examples to illustrate your explanation.

Case Study: Lowndes Family Ethics Dilemma

Case Study Jan has received her couples and family counseling license and has opened a private practice. The Lowndes family (husband, Tom; wife, Lisa; children, Steven [12] and Daniel [10]) entered counseling with Jan because of continuous discord in the family. Tom and Lisa have been married for 15 years. Tom is in upper

Techniques of counseling

1.Give an explanation of one way in which a counselor would begin an individual counseling session after completing an intake form with the client. Then, briefly describe a least two micro-skills (Paraphrasing, Active listening) that a counselor would use in the session, and explain why. Finally, explain how these micro-skills

Concepts of Consensus, Constancy, and Attribution Error

Can you show me an example of a situation where the cause of a person's behavior was uncertain and how I might used the concepts of consensus, constancy, and distinctiveness to determine whether the behavior in the situation was internally or externally cause. How would I describe the fundamental attribution error (correspondenc

early childhood /peer/adjustment

Each day on the school bus and during recess, Jodeeââ?¬"a quiet, sensitive fifth graderââ?¬"was pushed, pelted with gravel, and showered with insults by her classmates. Following the advice of her well-meaning parents, she tried to ignore her tormentors. What factors made Jodee susceptible to peer victimization? How can it

Social Problem Dependent Variables

Can you briefly describe a social problem, and the basic study that pertains to the problem, and what the conclusions of the study is? Can you propose a new study that would apply the findings from the basic study to that social problem? Can you also Identify the independent and dependent variables of the proposed study and des