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Why is it necessary to describe study procedures in detail?

Why is it necessary to describe the study procedure in great detail in both the research proposal and the research report when the study has been completed?

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There are many reasons to be detailed in a study procedure, both within the proposal and final report.

First, the way the sample was collected is very important in terms of bias and generalizability. For instance, if the sample was based on paying anyone $15 who walked into a Walmart to tell you their thoughts about Walmart's policies, you might have a different interpretation of the results than if the sample was based on a random sample of voters in the county. Why? First, they are already an existing Walmart customer and you just paid them $15 for two minutes of their time. Their answers are likely much more positive than the random voter.

The research procedure will also tell you if the process was careful enough to trust the findings. For instance, if you give ...

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Your tutorial is 483 words and gives you six reasons (although there can be more) that the study procedure must be described in depth for a proposal or study to be reviewed with any confidence that the data resulting from the work will lead to usable conclusions.