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    EMS: Identify Barriers to your Sustainability Plan

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    Please write 250 words with references and citations. Only do the portion in bold letters.

    The idea is to anticipate barriers to implementing your sustainability recommendations, plan how to overcome these barriers, and describe methods to systematically monitor the plan. This is based on Riordan Manufacturing Co.

    1. Identify barriers to implementing your sustainability plan using recommendations produced in Week Four. Describe what those barriers are and how or why they might occur. Consider financial, social, ethical, technical, and practical aspects of business.

    2. Develop strategies to avoid or overcome these barriers. Explain necessary steps for doing so.

    3. Describe methods currently in place or necessary to ensure systematic monitoring of new sustainable practices. How are they measured or monitored? What happens if a recommended practice is not working as it was intended?

    4. Add a one page executive summary

    5. Integrate the three part of the sustainability plan into one cohesive paper. Add an introduction, a conclusion, and any necessary transitions. This will include the work from weeks three to five.

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    Several different methods exist in ensuring systematic monitoring of new sustainable practices, such as:
    • Internal Infrastructure processes - For instance, all networking systems. The software and hardware needed to generate, formulate, circulate, oversee and apply data.
    • Knowledge processes - For instance, internal policies and procedures. An organizations best business practices, principles and governance which describe the manner in which the data is produced, ...

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