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Between- or Within-Subject Design

Write the method section of a hypothetical study looking at online learning classes vs. traditional learning classes. Which method would you use and why: a between-subject design or a within-subject design?

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The study was conducted with freshman algebra students (N = 500) enrolled at eight different institutions each in a different state in the United States (California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Texas and West Virginia) and with eight different independent instructors. Participating instructors were recruited from based on their use of the same college algebra textbook and similar average SAT scores of entering freshman. The institutions included two-year community colleges (N = 200) and four-year institutions (N = 300). Students ranged in age from 18 to 56 years, with a mean age of 21.3 years old.


On the first day of class the instructors passed out consent forms and explained that half of the course instruction units would be face-to-face and half on-line. Students completed a background survey of prior math ...

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Your tutorial is 517 words and describes a "within subjects" design. A few sentences explains how it would be different if it was a "between subjects" design.