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    Repeated-Measures Analysis of Variance ANOVA

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    The repeated-measures analysis of variance can be viewed as a two-stage process. What is the purpose for the second stage?
    Compare the repeated-measures analysis of variance with the regular ANOVA.

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    A repeated measures Analysis Of Variance (ANOVA) is where the levels of one or more factors are measured from the same unit (e.g. people). Repeated measures ANOVAs is also sometimes called within subject ANOVAs, whereas when each level is measured from a different group of subjects are called between subject ANOVAs (designs in which some factors are within subject, and others are between subject, ...

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    This solution includes a step by step and thorough explanation of the Repeated-Measures Analysis of Variance ANOVA and why this can be viewed as two stage process. It is over 300 words of detailed description, including a graph explaining of how Repeated-Measures Analysis of Variance ANOVA differs from regular ANOVA.