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ANOVA types and repeated measures analysis

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1. Give an example of a repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA)--no
examples of therapy or temperature.

2. Give an example of a factorial ANOVA. no examples of therapy or temperature. With a minimum of 20 people per cell/sample, how many participants will be required for this study?

These questions are sampled.

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This job lists the two ANOVA types.

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A repeated measures ANOVA involves any situation where you measure subjects two or more times on the same test. So you can imagine many situations where this would occur. Imagine you want to track children's' progress in reading ability as they go through school. Each year, the children are asked to read as many words as they can, and are stopped when they read 5 words in a row incorrectly. You could give a group of children the same reading test in Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3. ...

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