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    The Reasons For Intelligence Testing

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    What is the origin of the reasons behind intelligence testing? What is a current theory of intelligence, and what are its strengths and weaknesses?

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    The origin of the reason for intelligence testing is very interesting indeed, due to the fact that intelligence testing is largely based upon theories of intelligence, and the mode and or mechanisms for testing individual intelligence are based on a fusion of the different theoretical perspectives on intelligence. One criteria of intelligence that is utilized and studied by intelligence test developers, is Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. According to this theory there are a multiple number of different forms of intelligence, and it is only possible to gain a bearing or understanding of an individual's overall intelligence, by ascertaining and individuals cognitive abilities in one of more of these areas, due to the fact that focusing on one of these areas in order to make the determination as to an individual's overall intelligence, would not be a pertinent and reliable method by which to assess that individual's intelligence. In essence, this theory stresses the idea that an individual may not have a great deal of intelligence in one area, and if that area is the area that is being tested, then an assessment of the individual may conclude that the individual does not have a high level of intelligence, whereas the individual may have a very high level of intelligence in another area, and if the individual was tested on their intelligence in that given area, then the individual with score very highly, and receive a very high assessment in relation to the overall intelligence.

    One of the different intelligences that is contained within this theory is linguistic intelligence, which is essentially the intelligence that individual has in reference to utilizing the written word in order to express ideas, etc. In addition, this form of intelligence also entails the ability of an individual to understand complex verbal usage, as well as their ability to gain the main points that are being made in a literary text, which makes it pertinent that an individual has a very large vocabulary in order to have a very high level of linguistic intelligence. Linguistic intelligence also includes the ability of an individual to learn a multitude of different languages, as well as to be able to write and ...