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Social Psychology

Matching subjects in research designs

How can matching subjects make the groups more equivalent? If you match your subjects on their ability to perform well on an intelligence quotient (IQ) test and you distribute the matched pairs over two groups, then does this seem to make sense if you are looking at two different methods for dealing with stress? Why? When does s

Researchers Becoming Removed from Real Life

Dr. Zimbabwe likes experimental studies because he feels the results are cleaner. He feels this way because he can assume control over most extraneous variables. Explain why too much control can be a problem. Do you think some researchers become too removed from the real-life behavior they might be investigating? Provide a study

Present a realistic statement about the study objectives

Imagine an investigator has a bias and is not fully aware of its presence. This investigator has designed a study to test the differences in performance on intelligence tests. Create a realistic statement about the study objectives the investigator might present to the participants at the beginning of a study. Write the statemen

Extraneous Variables

Would you help me with the following: Think about times when extraneous variables may have impacted your performance on a test, for example. consider when extraneous variables become confounding variables. Do you think these variables can really alter the results of a study? Why? Are the extraneous or the confounding variabl

Is addiction a disease or a choice?

Would you help me to get started with the following: Is addiction a disease or a choice? Support your position with critical thinking and research analysis skills learned in this course and provide citations where applicable.

Conflict resolution and peacemaking article help is provided.

Locate a scholarly article concerning conflict resolution and peacemaking. Describe the elements of conflict resolution and peacemaking. Analyze the article. An analysis may include whether or not the methods used in the article should be effective, where they may need further modification, how well you believe the article wi

Causal statement cannot be made as a result of correlational studies. Although this is true, many causal statements you are bombarded with every day are due to correlational studies.

Causal statement cannot be made as a result of correlational studies. Although this is true, many causal statements you are bombarded with every day are due to correlational studies. Find five statements making cause and effect claims even though they are based on data collected in correlational studies. For example, one Web

Why do you think a correlational study is not considered an experiment?

Although correlational studies are not considered experiments, they are of great value. Why do you think a correlational study is not considered an experiment? Why would a person choose to do a correlational study instead of an experiment? Justify your answers with appropriate reasoning and research

Social skill development

What social skills must a child have to engage successfully in cooperative and constructive play? How can teachers and caregivers provide guidance for social skill development?

Group influence and cultural identity

Please help me with 250 to 300 words to answer: What is the relationship between group influence and cultural identity? Can you think of situations in which these two influences are in conflict?

Integrity and Ethical Communication

Please help me with the following question: Scenario : You have told your close friend, Taylor, that you are having money troubles, and you asked Taylor to keep this information confidential. A few days later, your friend Marcia sees you in the supermarket and says, "So, I hear from Taylor that you have built up a lot of cre

Quantitative V Qualitative Research Comparisons

Would you help me to get started on the following question: When looking at psychological research, you will find there are many scientists who avoid using qualitative data. Examine the various statistical techniques described for different study designs. Do you see more qualitative or quantitative references? Why do you thin


Looking for information on how dispositional theories affect individual personalities

Examining social behavior and its influences

Looki Social behavior has been the target of an immense amount of study by psychologists. Numerous "reality" shows on television have also gained the public attention through interesting portrayals of human behavior, such as interpersonal attraction, group membership, conformity, obedience, aggression, and conflict. -What a

Research Methods

Research studies evaluate the Ethics of the research methods employed using the APA of Ethics.

Brief overview of mnemonics and learning

Explain briefly the role of mnemonics and learning. describe at least two different mnemonic techniques â?" one that you believe would be beneficial to you and one that you believe would not be beneficial to you. explain why and why not

Operant Conditioning

How could you use operant conditioning to change a bad habit? Also, please help me to understand the difference between negative reinforcers and punishment as they relate to operant conditioning.

Is Social Psychology different than Sociology?

In what way is Social Psychology different than Sociology or different from Psychology? And why do you think a social psychology class would be important to a student of the social sciences?

Advances in the Future of Psychology

The field of Psychology from the years 2010 to 2060 will evolve into cross-cultural, holistic psychology, particularly in the creation of a universal psychology that is applicable to all people of the world regardless of cultural background. Imagine that you are 50 years in the future and you are being asked to speak about P