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Explicit and Implicit Roles in a Committee

Briefly describe both an explicit and implicit role and an explicit and implicit norm of a group or committee to which you have belonged or know about. Then discuss how one of the implicit roles or norms of the group is enforced, what deviations might occur from the role or norm, and what the consequences are for deviating from or violating it. Finally, analyze the effects that indirect benefits of participation and methods of enforcement or punishment, such as sanctioning, have on group productivity, and how activities that detract from productivity are deterred.

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In a group setting, roles played by various parties can either be explicit or implicit. An explicit role is specifically expressed or can be easily observed while an implicit role is indirectly expressed and the nature of the role cannot be easily observed.

An explicit role in a group I have been involved in my role as secretary in a local committee. The role is explicit because it is clearly evident that the secretary takes minutes and group notes and is responsible for recording and maintaining committee records. The role is clearly expressed and activities involved in the role can be easily observed.

An implicit role in the committee was ensuring that committee meetings are properly organized and go according to plan. As the committee secretary I organized meetings and confirmed that actions previously agreed upon were implemented. This is an implicit role because it is an implied and not clearly observable. As the secretary I together with other officials to ensure group meetings were adequately organized. Another implicit role was that I had to manage time during meetings.

An explicit norm in the committee is that the group would meet twice a week on Friday and each meeting was scheduled to last two hours. This is explicit norm because it is clearly provided since the committee had earlier set out group schedule. ...

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The solution defines explicit and implicit roles with examples, particularly in the context of a committee, including observations about deviation from these norms and ideas on how to enforce them. This solution is 854 words.