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explicit and implicit learning & memory

Explain briefly explicit and implicit learning & memory.

in the exploration be sure to define and give examples of explicit and implicit learning, as well as explicit and implicit memories.

Can you have one without the other? Why or why not?

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As you briefly explain explicit and implicit learning, this topic is really tricky and highly theoretical. Implicit learning, for example, deals with acquiring knowledge in a more natural a process or environment. The acquisition occurs "simply and without conscious operations" (http://webdoc.gwdg.de/edoc/ia/eese/artic98/finkb/10_98.html#kap05). On the other hand, explicit learning is a more conscious endeavor or operation. Learning occurs as the individual "makes and tests hypotheses in a search for structure. Knowledge attainment can thus take place implicitly (a nonconscious and automatic abstraction of the structural nature of the material arrived at from experience of instances), explicitly through selective learning (the learner searching for information and building then testing hypotheses)" (http://webdoc.gwdg.de/edoc/ia/eese/artic98/finkb/10_98.html#kap05).

You might add that implicit learning is conceived very simple, natural, and conscious; explicit learning is more process-oriented where forming and testing of hypotheses ...

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Briefly summarize explicit and implicit learning & memory