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Learning, Memory & Knowledge Acquistion

Analyze human learning and memory. Address the roles of condition, reinforcement and punishment in the learning process (historically).

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The Theory of Human Learning

How we learn is very much connected in the process of remembering - our memory stores information and from this storage of information, we recall associated knowledge valuable in making decisions, in connecting concepts and in coming to know the world around us, whether they are simple details (i.e. words, colors) or abstract concepts (i.e. schemas of government, schemas of language). Learning then is dependent on memory but memory is also dependent on learning (as nothing can be stored if we do not 'learn' of it). It certainly appears to be a chicken and egg concept; however in the development of man, it is believed that humans have been imbued with the ability to 'know', to associate symbols & codes (i.e. sounds, shapes, colors) to meaning. Central then to memory is the meaning associated to an action, a word or a symbol - world of the signifier (the symbol) and the ...

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