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Social Psychology

Adolescent Physical Development

1. Influences on physical development. 2. Relationship between physical development and cognitive learning? 2. What does a classroom teacher need to know about adolescent development? Why? 3. How will physical development affect learning - implications for classroom teacher? 4. Instruction and brain development. 5. U

Building community in organizations is the focus of this posting.

This posting offers research to correlate the way in which staff members of the human services organization are treated will affect the manner in which they will relate to consumers of the services. It also shows how a staff's supervision and support structure can be designed to enhance their responsiveness to the needs of indiv


As Director of Operations, you've been asked by the Board of Directors of your company to help them explore different problem solving and decision-making techniques. While the Board has been highly successful in leading your company to profitability and name brand recognition, it has been recently plagued with lack-luster result

Is college for everyone?

Please help with the following questions: Is college for everyone? Do you think that we should encourage some high school students to follow another path? How do you think such decision should be made? and by whom? What changes in social policy would help non-college youth find a secure occupational identity?

Thinking Styles

What are some experiences you have had with structured analytic thinking? Relativistic thinking?

Social Psychology Questions

1. Analyze precursors and consequences of human interaction in terms of social psychology concepts. 2. Explore basic concepts of human interaction from a social psychological perspective. 3. Define abnormal psychology in contrast to "normal psychology." 4. Examine mental disorders and mental illness from the psychological per

Leadership Approaches

Compare the underlying assumptions of the 3 approaches to leadership. How well are these approaches supported in research?

Sternberg's Model of Love

How does Sternberg's model of love account for different kinds of love? What are the implications of his model for satisfaction or lack of satisfaction in intimate relationships?

Kelley's Attribution of Behaviour

Summarize how, according to Kelley, our attributions about someone's behaviour are affected by consensus, consistency, and distinctiveness information. Give an example from your daily life to illustrate this answer.

Social Psychology as Discipline

1) Define Social Psychology and describe it's essential features of this field of psychology. 2) How is it different from other areas of Psych. and other social sciences such as sociology and anthropology?

Proposal on Newly Developed Organization

We have to write a proposal and we are doing our proposal on newly developed organization that deals with recently homeless families and helps them to go from living out of their family car to having a place to live and independence. Please answer the questions: 1. What is the need of these individuals and what evidence

American Judges

The Supreme Court has repeatedly asserted that a defendant is not entitled to a jury "composed in whole or in part of persons of his own race." Although these rulings establish that states are not obligated to use racially mixed juries, they do no prohibit states from doing so. In fact, a number of policymakers and legal scholar

Organizational Behavior: Building Community

Find, describe, and evaluate an organization you are familiar with in relationship to its ability to build community. Use the following in analyzing how effective the organization is/might be in doing this: ? characteristics of the organization's sub-groups that do/would contribute to or distract from building community ? exa

Managing Change

We have completed the planning sessions. As a combined unit (representing both the external and internal consulting teams), discuss guidelines for how you will work together. List the things the consulting team needs to address so they will operate effectively. What process or technique would you suggest be used to address the

Conceptual issues in Social Psychology

1. Can attitudes predict behavior? 2. Should attitudes be studied experimentally? Illustrate your answer with example. 3. Describe define, and evaluate some of the key theories of the self that have emerge in psychology? 4. Recent theoretical developments in critical psychology have rendered the concept of the self obso

Self-fulfilling Prophecy & Decision Making

Your department was just given a new project to pilot and rollout to your organization. The project involves assembling a cross-organizational team that will be given the responsibility for reviewing different payroll systems that Faraday Enterprises can use, and choosing the best payroll system to implement. You've chosen S

The Stanford Prison Experiment

1. What were the independent variables and what were the dependent variables in this experiment? 2. What were the important variables in the study and how were these variables conceptualized? 3. What were the major threats to validity that were not controlled adequately, from your point of view, in this study?

Essay Problem

This is a essay problem. I ned help with all of it and especially the analysis survey. Thank you! There is an attachment and also the instructors coments on what they expect for the assignment. I am not sure what she really wants. I think this she wants an actual survery??? PLease see attachment.

Movie Analysis

I rented the movie the Outsiders and I can't figure out any of these answers for my presentation. I don't need a presentation I just need notes. During your meeting, prepare a presentation, which will include a description of the film, a description of the main characters, a description of the adolescent developmental task