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How do groups influence the individual? What factors influence identification with a group?

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Groups can influence the individual in several ways, depending on the age you are and the situation.The social support generally found when belonging to a group has been shown to greatly increase an individual's satisfaction with life, encourage the health and well-being of individuals and reduce the effects of stress a person can experience. However there may be some negative effects as well. An example of this would be teenagers who belong to a group where each member is required to engage in negative behaviors such as smoking, drinking, or certain criminal activities such as stealing or vandalizing. Teens who are members of these groups may not want to engage in these behaviors but do so anyway in order to be accepted and feel a sense of belonging.

Groups generally reward the members who conform to their norms. Group opinion strongly influences behavior and judgement of the individual toward that of the group. Certain theorists have believed that people try to increase rewards and minmize costs in social groups and will conform to the group ...

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This solutution discusses the ways in which groups influence the individual. Also it cites the factors that influence identification within a group.