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Perform a Two Population Hypothesis Test

Give a work example and perform a hypothetical 2 population hypothesis test.

Discuss an application of ANOVA that might be undertaken in your workplace. What are the 3 or more treatments? What is the response variable?

Create a scenario and do a hypothesis testing example for ANOVA. Give the result and explain what it means.

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ANOVA stands for Analysis of Variance. ANOVA is a statistical technique that examines the differences between three or more groups of participants or conditions and determines whether the amount of variance between the groups is greater than the variance within the groups. The way we do it is to compare the means of the different groups. So we test a hypothesis about several means.
H0: µ1 = µ2 = µ3 = µ4

In ANOVA there is at least one independent variable, which consists of different categories and a numerical dependent variable. I will explain them with an example (remember you have to use your own example from your work). I will give you an example for academics. Say there are two groups of ...

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A hypothetical population test is conducted. ANOVA is applied.