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    Sample Hypothesis Testing

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    Objective: Identify the formal hypothesis testing process.

    1. If a null hypothesis is not rejected at the 0.10 level, it may be rejected at the 0.05 level.

    a. 0 True
    b. 0 False

    Objective: Perform a hypothesis test of one proportion.

    2. The Roman Senate has become concerned about the loyalty of the army in Gaul commanded by Julius Caesar. They claim that of the 80,000 men in the army, at least 28,000 are foreign barbarians. Caesar believes that there are fewer barbarians than that, so the Senate should not worry. He polls one legion of 1,000 men and finds that 340 of them are barbarians.
    Assume the value of the test statistic is -0.70. Calculate the p-value for this test using Excel.

    a. 0 =NORMSDIST(-0.7)
    b. 0 =TDIST(-0.70,999,1)
    c. 0 =2*(NORMSDIST(-0.7))
    d. 0 =TDIST(0.7,999,2)

    Objective: Perform a hypothesis test of one population mean using the standard normal distribution.

    3. A pooled proportion estimate can be used to calculate the test statistic for a test of the equality of proportions when the

    a. 0 populations are normally distributed
    b. 0 sample sizes are small
    c. 0 samples are independently drawn from the populations
    d. 0 null hypothesis states that the two population proportions are equal

    Objective: Interpret the results of hypothesis tests.

    4. Sample sizes of two independent samples must be identical if we plan to test for a difference of means.

    a. 0 True
    b. 0 False

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    1) b. False
    Explanation: Since the null hypothesis is not rejected at the 0.10 level, p-value > 0.10. ...

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