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Social Psychology

Altruistic acts

Altruistic acts are certainly to a great degree selfless. I think the debate is weather or not there is any act of altruism that does not have, in some small measure Altruistic acts e, a payback for the giver. For instance, serving at a homeless shelter is certainly to a large degree a selfless act. However, if the server fee

Helping Behaviors & Social Exchange Theory

1. If we are more likely to help those who are similar to us, than what does that mean in terms of helping behaviors and what are the implications as we try to increase helping behaviors in our society? 2. Are there ways to manipulate this trait as we craft public action campaigns using the various elements of the social exc

Role of Ethics in Experiments

I agree that these experiments were very disturbing. Just because I like to play devils advocate I have another set of questions for you! What would the other side say? Could the argument could be made that these experiments were ethical? Could the argument be made that the information obtained was valuable enough to justify the

Perceiving the Social World

What are the steps that one takes to perceive the social world? Which of these steps is the most crucial? Why?

The role of groups and social influence

Discuss the role of groups and social influence. "Lunch Mobs- deindiciduation", "Uninvolved Bystanders-diffusion and responsibility"; "working and solving problems in groups-"Group think"; polarization" "confromaity, social roles and obedience", "the positive side of groups."

Finding evidence in support of or against a social proverb

Finding Evidence in Support Of or Against a Social Proverb i) Your instructor will separate the class into work groups of three to four members each. ii) The goal of this assignment is to find evidence from the available social psychological literature regarding a proverb or saying relevant to social behavior. By researching t

Low-balling and Dissonance Reduction

1. Why is low-balling an effective persuasion technique? 2. How does dissonance reduction after a moral decision affect people's tendency to behave ethically or unethically in the future? 3. Do you agree or disagree?

Describe moral and ethical issues faced by managers.

Topic: Discipline Describe moral and ethical issues faced by managers. Explain how the relationship between social issues and ethically responsible management practices relates to your topic. Provide a workplace example of an ethical dilemma related to your topic. What legal aspects did management face during this dilem

Research Methods - Observational, correlational, and experimental

Suppose you wanted to investigate the question of whether or not playing violent videogames makes teenagers more aggressive. 1. Describe how you would use the observational, correlational, and experimental methods to examine this question? 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each technique?

Psychological and Psychosocial Theories of Crime Causation

Discuss the relationship between determinationism and psychology Describe Freud's psychoanalytic theory Describe the elements of Freud's theory Describe the premises of behavioral theory Explain personality theory Discuss psychopathology as it applies to criminal behavior Describe how the various physiological disorders mi

Concept of the Self

I am having trouble understanding these concepts, although it seems relatively easy, I am still having some difficulty. I know about Rogers concept of the "self", but I am not sure if that applies to the "social" world??--I have to prepare a presentation, and I am having brain-block, and struggling where to start. Can you please

Attitudes are contrasted with behaviors.

I am having a difficult time discerning the difference between attitude and behavior...Arent they somewhat the same? And usually your behavior depends on your attitude? Can you please help with the question below? Describe the reciprocal relationship between behavior and attitudes.

Inevitability of stereotyping

I need some help in finding references of professional journal articles on the inevitability of stereotyping. Looking for flaws and strengths in specific examples and applications.

Reproductive cloning is emphasized.

Your choice of revolution or discovery should be as current as from 1900 to the present. A few examples of scientific revolution or discoveries:  Flight  Space travel  New physics revolution  Penicillin  The mapping of the human genome  Cloning  The general theory

Team Motivation

1. How can a team be motivated to accomplish group goals? Is it necessary to motivate every member in a different way? Why or why not? 2. Is punishment an effective team motivator? Why or why not? What would be an example of effective punishment for your group?

Social Groups and Social Changes (Paper)

Please help. I need assitance to complete the following: Examine a social group or organization to which you belong (school, government, family, religious, special interest club, etc.). Prepare a 750-1000-word paper explaining the role of the group, the social functions it supports or promotes, and how this role may have chan

Cults' recruiting methods are overviewed.

There has been a growing awareness of cult behavior on the internet. There has been a growing concern among parents. The principal of the high school received numerous calls and emails from parents to understand how to recognize these groups and how to prevent their children from joining these groups. The principal asked you to

Male Victims of Domestic Violence

I have to complete an assignment on male victim of domestic violence. I don't know where to start trying to do either. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Freud's psychodynamic theory is described.

This posting chooses which personality theory do you think offers the best explanation for how an individual's personality develops. It also lists citations of the appropriate literature on personality theory.