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No Child Left Behind Policy: A social initiative

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Choose one from two of the current social initiatives.
a. Provide the purpose of the initiative.
b. Analyze the program's effectiveness.
c. List ways in which the programs could be more effective.

(Medicare or No Child Left behind)

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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. Why I have chosen the social initiative below is rather simple - it is easier to explore and discuss than more complex initiatives like Medicare. You can also use the listed references, they should give you more possibilities of exploring the social importance of the initiative. Good luck with your studies.

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Social Initiative: No Child Left Behind

A social initiative is an advocacy or a cause taken on by an individual, a group or an entity for the purpose of improving society or causing social change with reference to particular social issues and concerns. In corporate America, social initiatives usually fall under the banner of Corporate Social Responsibility where companies and business groups self regulate to ensure ethical, lawful and responsible business practices are undertaken to contribute positively to communities and society. In government, social initiatives are visions, policies, principles and projects initiated by politicians and government agencies for the purpose of addressing social ...

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The solution provides insight and guidance on the social initiative popularly known as the 'No Child Left Behind' advocacy and policy of the US government. References are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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Please completed in two stages.

First, using the website posted , read the main points of the No Child Left Behind Act. Write a one-page summary of the NCLB act; make sure you include an explanation of how you think the law applies to child development specialists who work with children in school settings.

The second part respond to the questions posted below that relate to the scenario. Use your understanding of NCLB to help the student in the scenario.

Scenario: Perry

You have been working with Perry and his family for the past two years. During this time, Perry has been attending a private preschool that specializes in working with children who have exceptional needs. In fact, Perry, has multiple needs as he is physically handicapped and in a wheel chair. Further, he suffers from both ADHD and ODD. His parents have been pleased with his progress but are nervous about his moving from the private school to the public school in his neighborhood. Perry will be entering kindergarten in the fall and his parents have asked you to attend a meeting with them, the kindergarten teacher, the school psychologist, and the school counselor. They are worried that he will not receive the attention that he had in his preschool.

According to the No Child Left Behind act, what must the school provide for him? Use support from the act in your response.
What strategies will you suggest that the classroom teacher use in class to help Perry to feel welcome and to learn?
What should the parents do to ensure that Perry is receiving the services that are listed in his Individual Education Plan (IEP)?

Actual 10 days will renew deadline
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