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    Social Facilitation & Territoriality

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    What is social facilitation? How has the definition of social facilitation evolved? How do the concepts of personal space and territoriality differ? How is human territoriality different from that of nonhuman species?

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    Being a member of a group does influence how we behave. As members of the Homo Sapien group, we tend to ape or mimic others. For instance, as soon as 3 days after birth, human babies try to mimic their caretakers' facial expressions and gestures (Kassin, Fein & Markus). When being part of a group, we are subject to "automatic" social influence, conformity, compliance and obedience to maintain our membership within a certain group (Kassin, Fein & Marku). "Automatic" social influence is innate as we do not think about how other people's ...

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