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Structuralism and Wundt's Introspectionism

**Fechner showed that it was possible to measure mental events and relate them to physical ones. Do you see his psychophysical methods as valid today?

**Compare and contrast Wundtâ??s and Titchenerâ??s views on conscious experience, introspection and apperception. How do you see these views as relevant today?

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In the first place, based on Fechner's steadfast insistence upon the definite mind/body connection, I deem his ideas as still relevant today. Without him, the entire field and discipline of experimental psychology likely would not have been paved for us.

Research also asserts that before Fechner, there was only psychological physiology and philosophical psychology. Thus, it is obvious that "Fechner's experimental method began a whole new wave in psychology, which became the basis for experimental psychology" (http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Gustav_Fechner.

Since areas such as the nervous system, brain & behaviors, and nature vs. nurture play eminent roles in psychological research today, these connections would not have the basis if Fechner had not made his theories, I believe.

As a patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis myself, I definitely know how the physical pain and condition also simultaneously affect my mental well ...

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