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    Social Psychology

    Four Approaches of Qualitative Research

    Can someone help me to develop examples of the following four approaches of qualitative research? a. Case study Approach: example of a research problem, research purpose, and research questions for this approach. b. Observational Approach: example of a research problem, research purpose, and research questions for this appro

    Ethnography approach to firefighting stress

    Of the five major approaches to qualitative research (case studies, narrative, phenomenology, grounded theory, and ethnography), I am thinking of using the ethnography approach. If I do use this approach, what would be the next best choice for research questions such as whether being a fire-fighter is stressful? Why is this the

    Personal Reflection

    Reflect on your process of assessing the family via interviewing, systemic assessing, and applying of theory to the family. Address an area you view as a strength in your skills of interviewing and analysis. Assess where you may encounter issues (countertransference) and how you might respond to these issues, including an

    What Causes Prejudices

    What causes prejudice? research and report current thought in your topic area. You should not include your own opinion in this paper. Include references

    Prejudiced Attitudes in Social Pscyhology

    Provide an example of a prejudiced attitude (the example need not reflect how you truly feel). Now, provide and discuss an example of the affective, cognitive, and behavioral components of this prejudiced attitude. Discuss if this makes sense to you or not.

    Influences on Health

    For this discussion, focus on the health issues you chose (A health issue that affects children at this level is Growth hormone deficiency) and the article you selected. Discuss the impact of family, culture, or society on a child's health pertaining to the issue you identified. References: Berk, L. E. (2012). Infants, ch

    Need assistance Role Play a Possible Crisis in Life Events

    Can you take on the role of a bereaved client and counselor and create a script of a hypothetical counseling session. The script need at least 20 responses, including 10 from the client and 10 from the counselor. Can your responses as the counselor include crisis intervention techniques. Then, summarize the characteristics of th

    Psychology and the Urban Environment

    Explain the relationship between psychology and the preservation of the urban environment please list reference and or citation this question is based on the Chicago Heat wave 1995.

    Research and mental health practitioners

    Explain two ways to interact with information so as to determine what is important, the accuracy of the information, and the degree to which it is scientific, and the common mistakes made when reporting research and how these mistakes can be avoided. Also, how can this knowledge be important to a psychologist or counselor?

    Common Sense and Science

    Can someone help with an explanation of the difference between common sense and science, the connections between common sense and people's beliefs, and how this all relates to human behavior. Also, what is a good definition of "belief perseverance" and how it interferes with critical thinking?

    Co-Occurring Disorders and Crisis Intervention

    James & Gilliland (2013) present the case of Gordon, a professional man who is married and has two children and has become increasingly dependent on alcohol to deal with the stress and depression in his life. James and Gilliland (2013) use a client, Gordon, to demonstrate various aspects of his treatment. In the assessment ph

    Examples of social dilemmas

    What is a social dilemma? Provide examples of some particular kinds of social dilemmas, and discuss how social dilemmas can be resolved.

    Interventions for survivors of sexual abuse

    - Discuss the interventions for survivors of sexual abuse, including group counseling, for both adults and children - What would you take into consideration when determining what type of counseling, individual or group. - What types of interventions you would use with a client who is a sexual abuse survivor? 300 words or mo

    Violence in the US

    I have to create an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation describing violence in the United States. Be sure to include the following and use academic sources or real-life empirical examples to accentuate and support your findings and presentation. The following questions to be answered are: Describe the rates of violence (murder,

    Advertising and Target Marketing

    Think about some recent advertisements you have seen on television or in magazines. Can you think of examples of ads that targeted different kinds of attitudes? How did they do so? Do you think the ad campaigns will be successful, given the types of attitudes that they are trying to change? Why or why not?


    Why do schemas tend to become stronger over time? What processes are involved? Relate this to some situation in your own life. No references needed!

    Rest's Four-Component Ethical Decision Making Model

    Using Rest's Four-Component Ethical Decision Making Model, outline a step-by-step application to the following case story. Outline the possible outcomes for each individual and any benefits and limitations of the model. Case Story You are a faculty member at a college. The dean assigned the head of your department to exami

    Social Psychology Theory

    Select a social psychology theory, discussed in Fiske (2010) that you found novel, interesting, or surprising. Describe how this theory, if applied effectively, can have a beneficial effect on society. Reference to use: Fiske, S. T. (2010). Social beings: Core motives in social psychology(2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

    Concepts of human interaction with social psychology

    I need assistance in writing a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you examine fundamental concepts of human interaction from the perspective of social psychology. Describe at least two examples of how human behavior changes based on social situations. In your description be sure to address the following: a. Describe the spec

    Pro-social Behavior Issue Analysis

    Discussion and analysis of Pro-social behavior in 'Does True Altruism Exist'. Evaluate both arguments in the issue, then support one of the concepts with a sound rationale.

    Formal and Informal Resolutions to Ethical Dilemmas

    Can someone help me by providing examples of one formal and one informal ethical resolution to the ethical issue below and why they are formal or informal as well as what perhaps is the potential outcomes of both types of resolutions. Also, which would be the most appropriate in resolving this ethical dilemma and why? Ethical

    Foundations of Social Psychology

    I need help in creating an outline for a 1000-1,400 word paper on analysing the conceptual foundations of Social Psychology. I need to address these items: 1. Define social psychology. 2. Analyse the four key characteristics of social psychology as outlined in Social Beings. 3. Explain the concept of Situationism and the role

    Application of psychology with social media

    Read: Barak, A. (1999). Psychological applications on the Internet: A discipline on the threshold of a new millennium. Applied and Preventative Psychology,8, p.231-246 Using a similar format as Barak (1999) did to review ten types of psychological applications on the Internet. Identify and discuss an application of psychology

    Social Learning Theory to Explain Bullying Behavior

    Please help with the following problem. Classroom bullying can be attributed to modeling and vicarious learning. Furthermore, bullying behavior may be a result of learned behavior and inability to conflict resolute their own personal feelings of inadequacy and/or have little conflict mediation skills.

    Internal Scripts

    1). Without getting too personal, describe an example of a time when you relied on a script to guide your behavior in a particular situation. 2). How do cultural and societal expectations shape our internal scripts? Min. of one scholarly source to support your answers. Cite with APA format

    Change in Societal Views on Mental Illness

    Has society changed in how they view mental illness? Use particular instances to explain. History has shown us the tragedies of mental illness. If stigma remains it is possible that we will repeat some of the problems of history.