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Prejudiced Attitudes in Social Pscyhology

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Provide an example of a prejudiced attitude (the example need not reflect how you truly feel). Now, provide and discuss an example of the affective, cognitive, and behavioral components of this prejudiced attitude. Discuss if this makes sense to you or not.

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Recently, President Obama made public comments about facing prejudice in his life due to the fact that he was a black man. He gave examples of hearing car door locks click when cars approached him on the street or people not wanting to ride the elevator with him and choosing the stairs instead. I think this is a perfect example of prejudiced attitude and how it demonstrates itself in people's affect, behavior, and cognition. Let's going through them one by one. Affective: Some people may act differently or hold a different attitude around someone of a different race. They may be more reserved at best and very rude and ...

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This solutions contains a description of prejudiced attitudes affect cognitive, behavior, and affect.

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