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    Social Psychology

    How to Develop an Effective Course Assessment

    Need help with a description of the assessment strategies that might be used based on the scenario provided, the frequency of assessment, and an explanation of why they might be effective as well as the time commitment involved for this type of assessment. Scenario A class of 30 students in an introduction to psychology

    Health Benefit Model

    Describe the health belief model. Select one the four factors and in your own words, including your understanding of its definition and what this factor means in your own health status. Also, give an example of this factor in individual health behavior.

    Sexual Disorders

    (Power point presentation). You have been asked to be a quest speaker in an undergraduate criminology class at a local university. The topic that you will be presenting on is sexual assault. Describe for the students the rapist and child molester typologies as well as those involved in drug/alcohol induced sexual assaults (parti

    Significance and theoretical framework

    I need help in writing Significance and Framework of the study on the topic: The impact of Illegal Immigration on crime rates in South Texas: A perception study through the lenses of Immigrants and non-Immigrant (3-4 pages). Note: The topic has been slightly modified from the impact of Border enforcement to the impact of ille

    Adlerian Theory on Personality Development

    I need some help in describing a known political figure and his motivation for "superiority striving" applying Alder's Theory of birth order to the leader's personality development. Please analyze his style of life by identifying his goals, achievements, actions, and goals and the long term outcomes.

    Teaching Application

    Can someone help with a scenario concerning an introductory psychology class online student? See post below). Various methods of teaching application have been taught in class, How might the instructor respond to Brittney in terms of the one of the teaching theories. What response strategies would support the teaching strategies

    Creating a Problem Statement & Background for Perception Paper

    Butcher, K. F., & Piehl, A. M. (1998). Cross‐city evidence on the relationship between immigration and crime. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 17(3), 457-493. - Authors Butcher and Piehl investigate the connection between immigration into a metropolitan area in the context of the crime rate in that area. Set in t

    Statistical Power Between Men and Women

    A researcher is exploring differences between men and women on 'number of different recreational drugs used.' The researcher collects data on a sample of 50 men and 50 women between the ages of 18-25. Each participant is asked 'how many different recreational drugs have you tried in your life?' The IV is gender (male/female) a

    Freud's theoretical disadvantages are noted.

    In his model of the id, ego, and superego, Freud emphasized drives and efforts to respond to reality and the external world, and the internalization of societal morals and values. Are there aspects of human functioning that were neglected in the development of these structural concepts? If so, where and how might they be incorpo

    Define both grapevine and informal grapevine

    Using 500 words of references and notes, to explain both a grapevine and an informal grapevine within the workforce and also offers some suggestions from the experts to counter its adverse effects.

    The Genetic Predisposition for Language Development

    Chomsky believed language is in our genes, that we have language, not because of nurture but because of nature (environment--interactions) that designed us to talk. Are we born with the basic principles of language?

    Understanding Self-efficacy

    The attached is a message posted by Jamie, a "student" in an online introductory psychology class (the instructor has not heard from her previously on this issue). How might one respond to Jamie in order to improve her level of self-efficacy and how might the theories of self-efficacy support the approach. (see attached message


    Explain how religion influences social relationships, moral attitudes, and moral behaviors, including cheating, substance abuse, sexuality, criminality, and domestic violence.

    The Influence of Freud's Physician Training on his Perspective of Psychoanalysis

    Freud was a physician by training though he focused on psychoanalysis as he developed his theory of psychosexual development and the psychodynamic theory (id, ego, and superego). Did his training as a physician or his interest in psychoanalysis appear to exert the greater influence on his view of the mind-body relationship? Why?

    Critique of Article on Ethics

    Can someone help me with a critique of the attached article including a reaction to the questions posed in the ethics survey as well as whether the ethics survey differ based on the demographic categories.

    Ethical violation case

    Can someone help me understand by explaining what the ethical implications (APA) of Chuck's actions in the scenario listed below. According to the APA's Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, should Chuck report this incident to his supervisor? And, what are two strategies Chuck might use if Jessica is in one o

    IRB Ethical Guidelines

    Need help with two ways that IRB ethical guidelines can impart one's selection of a research population, research setting, and/or research design as when developing ideas for a prospectus. Also, how would the guidelines apply to a research concerning the retention of college students in community colleges?

    Biopsychosocial Model of Schizophrenia

    Please discuss/describe schizophrenia using a biopsychosocial model (attached) including evidence that supports brain localization for schizophrenia, genetic and environmental factors (minimum four paragraphs). Please include scholarly reference used (do not copy and paste).

    Online Instruction Techniques

    Can someone help with how instructors would introduce themselves in the informal classroom meeting area and (2) to describe what they think when they hear the word "psychology." Also, after getting a message from one of the students, Carlos James, introducing himself to the class, what would be the appropriate respond to his in

    Career Counseling with NCDA and ACA Ethical Codes

    Using the case scenario from (Alex), apply two Codes of Ethics from our professional bodies (must be the most current codes). One needs to come from NCDA and the other can be of your choice from the suggested list source: American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA). National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). Am

    ADA and Legal Considerations

    Using at least two peer-reviewed articles: -Describe how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the law influences working with students who have a disability. -Share a case that you have worked on in the past or invent one that will apply to this discussion. You can change the information as you need to in order to

    Career Development Program

    I need some assistance with these questions: -Can you examine and discuss the organization, implementation, administration, and evaluation of programs at career centers. -Consider all your newly acquired information about the multi-faceted steps and considerations in developing career programs and career centers. As you fou

    Dissertation Process in Research

    I am thinking about completing studies for a Ph. D in Psychology. Can someone help me with explaining how does completing a dissertation fits into the Doctorate of Psychology (emphasis on Teaching) and what are at least two potential benefits of completing the dissertation. Also, what is the role of the prospectus and proposal i