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    Teaching an angry and uncooperative student

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    Can someone help with a scenario concerning an introductory psychology class online student? See post below). Various methods of teaching application have been taught in class, How might the instructor respond to Brittney in terms of the one of the teaching theories. What response strategies would support the teaching strategies used. Also, I have to address Brittney's anger, the appropriateness of her post, her refusal to participate, and her rejection of course topics. rejection of course topics.

    Brittney: I absolutely hate the discussion this week on Freud! Why do we need to study this antiquated man? This course has been nothing like I thought it would be. I am so angry I feel like dropping the course. I totally disagree with the instructor's statement that Freud's ideas have influenced modern therapy! I have been in therapy for years, and NEVER did we talk about anything I have seen in his theories. I refuse to discuss his misogynistic ideas

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    Teaching an angry and uncooperative student:

    i) De-escalate her anger towards the course material : Freudian psychology

    - explain that though many psychologist may also have the same opinion in a lesser degree, Freud is a founding father of psychology thus, his work will be taught in an introduction to psychology class.
    - explain that therapy uses many interventions, if she does not have a psychoanalytic ...

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    Suggestions on how to de-escalate an angry student and elicit cooperation from her.