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    Milwaukee Student Arrested In Class

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    This happened this year in a college class in Milwaukee. The student was removed by campus police. Now image having a classroom of 37 to 40 minors in junior high or high school, with an attitude like this young woman. Your administration will not remove individuals like this from your classroom. Image you must deal with this type of attitude every day. Is this the type of teaching you are willing to do? Some can and want to, and others do not want to do this type of work. There are educators for all types of learners. Some can teach elementary and some can teach PhDs. Then, there are educators for everything in-between. The key is finding where you fit best and where your talents lie so that, whatever you choose, you are happy, fulfilled, and your students benefit from you.

    Please watch the following and answer the questions below:


    How would you handle this type of situation? Do you believe teacher preparation programs prepare the next generation of teachers for situations like this? Are you prepared to handle a situation like this one? Do you feel you have been trained to handle this type of situation? Are you willing to handle situations like this one on a regular basis, throughout your teaching career?

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    I just viewed the video, and I think that it is sad to see students on a higher education level being so disruptive and disrespectful in the classroom. Unfortunately, this happens often and it is not acceptable in any classroom. I do think that, unfortunately, the instructor only made the situation worse by continuing to speak directly to her and answering her questions before the police came. The instructor should have told her once that her behavior was unacceptable, and that she should leave the classroom. If the girl had refused, the ...

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