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    Workplace Scenarios

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    These scenarios are depicted:

    Scenario I: Present an explanation of either an observed work occurrence or an example of a possible workplace scenario. Choose a situation in which the perspective of an employee is not the same as the perspective of the employer. Explain how the perceptions of the scenario differ, and offer an explanation for why each of the perceptions could be seen as valid.

    Scenario II: You are an employee who has worked in the same position for the past three years. You are a dedicated worker who is well respected and liked by both management and fellow employees. On at least five separate occasions, you have applied for management positions that were ultimately given to staff members with less experience and education. In the most recent case, the position was filled with an outside employee. You are angry and want to confront management about being overlooked for promotion.

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    As you create your responses, please integrate these ideas:

    Scenario I:

    Janna is a first year teacher at a busy junior high school. Due to her lack of real life teaching experiences (since she completed only student teaching), Janna heavily relies on her college course advice, natural instincts, Internet articles, and student teaching scenarios to make current work decisions. In fact, she only received two days of in-service training at school, yet she feels confident that her dreams of becoming a teacher have finally come true.

    Janna's first month passes quite smoothly overall. Since Janna is so busy, overstressed, and physically isolated from other classrooms and teachers due to her classroom location, she rarely has time to collaborate with other teachers. She also has little time to even see or consult with her boss. Her lessons are going well: kids are passing her tests, and she enjoys the daily challenges of the profession. Her only problem is the lack of adult interaction and the minor behavioral problems that arise from typical teenager personalities and behaviors. When it comes to teaching and disciplining, Janna is largely self reliant. Instead of having a source of support within her school, Janna lacks guidance and camaraderie. Similarly, she also does not have a school mentor to assist her with important decision-making choices or to offer emotional job support.

    After one month and two days on the job, Janna encounters a major interpersonal issue at work which challenges her perceptions and questions her ability to govern her classroom. The conflict and scenario ...

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