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    Uncooperative/Fearful Witnesses

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    A crime scene investigator has located a witness at a crime scene, but he/she is uncooperative. The investigator strongly believes that this witness is fearful of something and is uncooperative.
    Describe the handling of witnesses and evidence.
    What would you as the investigator do to elicit the cooperation of this witness and collect evidence for the case?

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    The crime scene investigator must ensure first that the scene is devoid of any potential dangers to the witness. If the witness is uncooperative at the scene, she should be removed to a place that is secure and where she does feel safe. The handling of evidence will be the same as in any investigation where the evidence must be obtained through the process of crime scene investigation. This entails using the most ethical and legal procedures to establish a chain of command with the evidence wherein it is traceable back to the original person that obtained the ...

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