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    Social Psychology

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    Relationships of Marriage and Family Examined

    Support each of your answers with factual evidence from scholarly sources. Use proper APA formatting including proper referencing and citations. (Answer each question in a minimum of 200 words) 1. Explain the functions and patterns of dating. 2. Describe the process of falling in love. 3. Distinguish between what it mea

    Ethical Issues of the Stanford Prison Experiment

    Visit the Stanford Prison Experiment website to learn more about this famous experiment. The website has slides and movies of the experiment, which were done very realistically. You will also see how an elaborate psychological experiment was conducted, and why, and its ethical limits. Write a paper of 250-500 words in which you

    Internet and effects on work and personal life

    Outline the ways in which the Internet and advances in telecommunications have changed the way you conduct your work and personal life. Remember to include things like Internet use, cell phone use, social media, and other communication technologies. In addition, examine the quality of your relationships. Do you find yourself ha

    Marriage & Family Research

    1. Describe the changing patterns on intimate relationships in contemporary society. What role has media played in this and how so? 2. Define what a family really is. 3. Discuss how families have varied across time and societies. 4. Discuss problems encountered by "single-parent families". 5. Describe psychological and socia

    Special Types of Loss

    Case Study: Special Types of Loss, Imagine that you are discussing this case with Stanley Friedman, the psychologist who will be working with Governor Nixon. Dr. Friedman has asked you for your thoughts on the case. Consider the following as you prepare your response: •Assess how the governor is coping. •What issues might

    Learning Contract VS Other Social Work Process

    Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 100 words in the solution. How does the development of the learning contract parallel other documents used in the social work process? (i.e. some process I have used other than my learning contract to get a system going are the following): Attend lectures Do the n

    Countertransference Views

    After reading the articles (see attachment), give consideration to your own views of countertransference. Discuss both the productive and less-valuable aspects of countertransference, and any countertransference issues you can identify related to either your own experiences or recent experiences that have surfaced in your practi

    Multicultural counselling and interventions

    In this mission, you had the opportunity to explore two communities in Riverbend City. Select one of the settings and describe the issue at hand and the various people involved. - What groups are represented and how does membership in those groups affect the characters? - How would a human services professional address health

    Grief and Family Systems

    Review the Riverbend City mission for this unit. Consider how the family has progressed in coming to terms with Sheldon's illness and approaching death. How have things changed? What factors now need to be considered? Imagine that you will be joining this family's care team as a counselor. Your role is to: - Assess and descr

    Three models of compliance

    This interactive activity explores three scenarios in which someone was trying to achieve compliance with a request. Discuss the outcomes of your choices and compare or contrast these scenarios with a real-world situation you have personally experienced. • How do you find yourself reacting when someone is trying to obtain y

    Mental Status Exam and Suicide Assessment Risk

    After you conducted or observed a Mental Status Exam and/or Suicide Risk Assessment? Can you provide a summary of your reactions? Provide a summary of what your concerns, fears, and anticipations were for when you or someone else conducted your assessment. In addition, consider the following after reading the attached menta

    Integrated Treatment for Depression

    APA Style and Format. Utilize one or more specific methods of assessment with a client you have worked with currently or in the past. Can you in select an assessment that is appropriate for the client (such as the Beck Depression Inventory, Beck Anxiety Inventory, Mental Status Exam, biopsychosocial assessment, ecomap, genogram

    Conformity and group size

    Conformity is something that occurs when social influences impact or modify our behavior in response to real or imagined pressure from others rather than in response to a direct request or order from another. There are three variables that can affect conformity: nature of the task, size of the majority, and the effect of one oth

    Collaboration Theory and Business Success

    How can the collaboration theory be used during the creation a web based application such as Dropbox, Box, Microsoft Skydrive, or Google Drive to enhance the effectiveness of a web/storage cloud based application?

    Measures of Property Crime (2012 Data)

    Select a crime and write a report addressing the following: Summarize the statistics from the last two reporting years. Be sure to include demographic information such as ethnicity, race, age, gender, marital status, employment status, socioeconomic group, etc., and moderator variables related to the crime. Examine the reliab

    Discrimination based on institutionalized racism and sexism

    Need 500 words in which I can discuss and give examples of institutionalized racism and institutionalized sexism. To prepare for the assignment, do the following: Visit a website of your choosing, noting any indicators of institutionalized racism or institutionalized sexism.

    Improving Workplace Relationship

    This interactive activity explores the outcomes of various interventions by a supervisor who is trying to help an employee who appears to be struggling with performing his job. Consider the various dynamics at play between Erica and Nadim. Prejudices may exist for either or both individuals; attitudes and values may be affectin

    Ethical Considerations in the Practice of Psychology

    How can you work with someone who does not behave ethically? What are ethical considerations for you as a practitioner? How can you set boundaries with clients and co-workers? How can you improve your practice ethically? Why does a person behave in a certain unethical way? Please provide references.

    Case Study: Guilt, Grief, and Bereavement.

    If necessary, review Case Study: Guilt, Grief, and Bereavement, the media piece you were asked to view earlier in this unit. Imagine that you are discussing this case with Susan Florman, the counselor who will be working with Tracy Davis, the woman who has lost her mother. Would you describe Tracy as at-risk bereaved? Why or wh

    Fundamental Attribution Errors

    Explain why individualistic and collectivistic cultures differ in their tendency to make the fundamental attribution error. Make sure to identify differences between individualistic and collectivistic cultures as well as describe the fundamental attribution error.

    Stages of Dying and Stages of Grief

    If necessary, review the Riverbend City mission for this unit. Consider how the different family members are coping with Sheldon's illness and impending death. Imagine that you will be joining this family's care team as a counselor. - Describe the stage each member of the family (including Sheldon) appears to be at. - Describe

    Social Cognition in the Workplace

    Read the transcript on: the interactive mission Riverbend City: Social Cognition in the Workplace. In this mission, both Tim and Jamie are negotiating a stressful situation in their workplace. Tim, as a manager, has responsibilities not only to Jamie, but also to his other direct reports, his own managers, and to the clients

    The Eight Core Abilities of a Social Worker

    The 8 abilities constitute the core of what it means to be a social worker. Each of these abilities present their own challenges and may not be a particular area of strength for you. As you read through and examine what each ability mean and how they apply in a mental healthcare center 1.Identify as a Reflective Professional

    Self-Rules Developed from Past Experiences

    Kunkel (1997) notes that primary determinants of behavior are formed from past and present experiences. "The most significant difference between a person's environment and rules is that past and present contextual events are the primary determinants of behavior, while rules serve as controlling variables for human activities (Ha

    Grief and Loss Supportive Therapy

    Review the attached Case Study: Unexpected Loss, the media piece you were asked to view earlier in this unit. Imagine that you are discussing this case with Martin Lewis, the counselor who will be working with Mrs. Feltch. Describe the stage of mourning you believe Mrs. Feltch is in. Provide examples of how Martin can assist

    Online Teaching Strategies: Critical Thinking

    Discussion, Consider the following scenario: You have been asked to develop a 4-week online course for beginning graduate students in which they learn to critically evaluate research journal articles. Reflect on online teaching strategies that might facilitate critical thinking in this 4-week course. Consider how you might intro

    Socio-Historical Perspective of Human Behavior

    The socio-historical perspective tells us that to explain any behavior, we must interpret it in light of the social, cultural, and historical context in which it occurs. Choose an event and interpret it from the socio-historical perspective.

    Positive and Negative Writing Feedback

    It is likely that you recall some of the positive and negative writing feedback that you have received throughout your academic career as a student. Maybe some comments were constructive and effective and others were not. What language was used in the feedback, and what color was the ink in which that feedback was presented? How

    The Locus of Control: Self-Efficacy

    How self-efficacy is related to the concept of locus of control? Design an assignment for an introductory psychology class that might increase student self-efficacy. Explain how the design of your assignment might change based on the two types of locus of control.

    Choices and results of the best place to live

    Are the solutions below the question good choices, why? If not, explain how they may not bring about the expected results. Do people consider New York or California the better place to live? a. Consulting the Statistical Abstract of the United States or a similar publication, check the migration rates into and out of each