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    Three models of compliance

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    This interactive activity explores three scenarios in which someone was trying to achieve compliance with a request. Discuss the outcomes of your choices and compare or contrast these scenarios with a real-world situation you have personally experienced.

    • How do you find yourself reacting when someone is trying to obtain your compliance?
    • How do you find yourself reacting when you want someone else to comply with your requests?
    • Is the use of these models ethical or not? Support your position.

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    Because I am a bit of a people pleaser, I find myself reacting amicably when someone is trying to obtain my compliance, if they are doing it in a nonaggressive, respectful manner. Thus, Foot in the Door is one tactic that works for me as it seems to be more subtle and starts with a small request and then allows trust to be maintained.

    An example recently in my life occurred with my elderly neighbor. He asked me to print something on the computer for him since he doesn't have Internet or any form of technology whatsoever. This small request made me comply as it took little time and effort on my part. However, he then began asking me to order items online and he paid me as well. I was more apt to comply with this larger, more intrusive request, since I had already concurred with his smaller request, as noted.

    Research further asserts that this technique is highly effective:

    Chan, A. C., & Au, T. K. (2011). Getting ...

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