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    Company newsletter announcing change

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    Details: Last year, LRH Manufacturing had to implement a number of very formal processes and procedures to comply with the new Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. Sales people were mandated to closely track their expenses and book their revenues differently, and the commission program changed significantly. As a result, several sales people experienced some short-term personal cash flow problems as they adjusted to these new compensation models. The sales organization was informed about these changes in a three-page e-mail that came from the newly appointed "Compliance Officer." The e-mail was heavily legal and was written in a very condescending tone. As a result of this experience, the entire organization is leery of any processes, particularly those having many legal requirements.

    To begin to prepare the organization for the change that will be brought on by this project, write a two-paragraph article for the upcoming company newsletter. In this article, you should introduce the project and explain the impact and benefits of this new system on the organization. Although you will be responsible for writing the article, include a paragraph explaining who you think should sponsor the article and why.

    Objective: Examine various models of organization change.
    Explore emotional and organizational issues related to the implementation of change.

    See attached scenario.

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