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Examination of change project

Present three key elements which should be explored prior to any change plan being implemented. Describe a change project that your present or past organization has been involved with. How would you rate the success of that project? Why do you think it was successful or unsuccessful?

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Three things to consider:

1) Is the change worthwhile? Will the cost associated with changing equipment, production, marketing, sales price all be worth it? In other words, will the return on investment be worth while?
2) How long will it take to make the changes? Will it cause a halt in production? Could there be a potential inventory crisis is production must stop during the upgrading process. Will there be plant shutdown, where the manufacturing plant closes, and all of the employees will not have any work to do?
3) How will the consumer ...

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This posting looks at all elements of a change project: from conceptualization to implementation. It also examines a real case where a change project was implemented - changing the oil to make potato chips to eliminate trans-fats.