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Develop a scope statement of FBI Virtual Case File project

Task: Scope Statement of FBI Virtual Case File Project

A scope statement is a document used to develop and confirm a common understanding of the project scope. It clearly defines the project characteristics and requirements and also lists the project and project management deliverables

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This project is related to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) virtual case studies and their reports. FBI reports for their cases and management all the process through manual online programming. There is a need to implement a system or software in the organization to manage their routine case studies. With the help of this system FBI can share all the resources and routine case reports on a regular basis (Goldstein, 2005). By this way the company can save the time and money that usually taking by the management to complete decision making process.

In order to execute this system in the organization, it is necessary for the FBI to make a guideline of the project and define the objectives and requirements.

The main purpose behind this project is to execute an online system though which the management of FBI can operate the process of making decision over the virtual case studies. Handling virtual case studies and reducing the work is a critical task in this highly schedule environment (Congressional Testimony, 2005). By implementing this system the FBI will provide a fast and secure network, so that they can enable the fast sharing of information among all the employees within different offices and departments of FBI. This system will enable the FBI to share audio, video, image files, graphs, charts, etc. (Freedom from Project Surprises Newsletter, 2005).

So, in a complete manner this system will help the Intelligence Community to take an accurate decision after evaluating all situations and information without any error with high security features.

There are some characteristics of this project, which are as follow:

This project comprises the solutions of all the issues thorough which the FBI delays the process of decision making. The one of the main ...

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