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    On-Line Shopping

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    TopLiance Corporation sells home appliances. They have over 50 sales agents across multiple states. They have decided to implement an online sales program. The new Internet based sales program is expected to increase the sales volume and enhance the profit margin.

    You are asked to head the project team and you are expected to generate one Word document that includes the following:

    A Project Charter (include project title, date of authorization, project manager's name, brief scope statement, planned approach for managing the project, roles and responsibilities matrix, sign-off section)
    Project Schedule (using either MS Word and MS Excel)
    Rough Cost Estimate (provide a rough cost estimate)

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    ? Project Charter
    o Project Title:

    On-Line Shopping

    o Date of Authorization: 25th January 2007
    o Project Manager Name: Mr. Malcolm
    o Scope Statement:
    As we know that Internet is the facility, which is increasing the communication between the people. The business person has also have the great impact on their businesses. Till there was no facility of On-line shopping but through the internet the customer can give the order on the computer, which will increase the sales also help the customer to buy the product sitting at their home.
    o Planned Approach for the Project:
    For the online shopping, the organization will construct their own-web sites on which give the facility of the transaction. The table such as the member Item will be maintained by the organization, which will track the record of the member and items.
    The main tasks of the member table are:
    ? Whether the person wants to make the transaction is valid member of organization or not.
    ? If any member, want to discontinue with the organization, his/her record will be deleted from the member table.
    ? Updating in the member information will be made in the member table.
    The main tasks of the item Table are
    ? Checking the status of item, whether the item is in the stock or not.
    ? Updating of the item record in the case of the selling of item.
    ? Production of more items, as in the case of the item reaches it re-order levels.

    The project will proceeds as follows, The user logged into the system .For the transaction, the customer have to be member of the organization, if he/she is not then have to registered with the organization. After the member is registered, the member is given the username and password, when the user wants to do the transaction; the user is to give the Password. On giving the username and password, the information is checked from the member table, if valid then the user can buy the item from the company. ...

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