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    Online Shopping: Inventory and Taxes

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    You are shopping for office supplies and furnishings for your company, Financial Outsourcing, Inc. You may use comparative shopping web search engines.

    1. Choose three physical products you would like to buy (e.g., office supplies, furniture, books).

    Find a website that allows you to purchase these items online. Find the price of each item and his total price of all items (not including shipping). Find out what you home state's sales tax is and determine the actual amount that would be charged to your company's credit card. Organize this information using spreadsheet.

    Select one of the three products and find the identical product on two other web sites. Compute the sales tax for a state other than yours. Is the tax different? Why or why not? Be sure to include how you found the solution, the date on which you researched prices from the on-line catalogs, and the internet store you choose.

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    This solution involves organizing the prices of an online shopping website's items on Excel and using this information to compute sales tax.