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Scope Statement for Eliot Pharmaceutical

I need to prepare for a Scope Statement for a case study(the case is attatched )

I need to do:

a. Write a Scope Statement.
b. Prepare a SWOT analysis
c. Develop a prioritized list of the three most important business issues to be addressed
d. Develop 3 SMART goals for the highest priorities in this case.


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This document informs the organization and the project team about the specifications of a project. By defining the project with a scope statement, the project manager can make clear the things that a project is realistically expected to accomplish, so that the sponsor, upper management, stakeholders and other interests can focus on the specific results expected. A written statement of what the project will include and what it will exclude. The scope statement contains, either directly or by reference to other documents, the project's justification, product, deliverables, and objectives, and is written to facilitate future decisions and confirm or develop common understanding of project scope among stakeholders. As the project progresses, the scope statement may need to be revised or refined to reflect approved changes to the scope of the project.
Scope Statement:
Project Name: Eliot Pharmaceutical Turnaround.
Project Description: the Company Eliot Pharmaceutical that is spiraling downwards ...

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This is a written for Scope Statement for Eliot Pharmaceutical, a fictitious company.