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    Social Cognition in the Workplace

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    Read the transcript on: the interactive mission Riverbend City: Social Cognition in the Workplace.

    In this mission, both Tim and Jamie are negotiating a stressful situation in their workplace. Tim, as a manager, has responsibilities not only to Jamie, but also to his other direct reports, his own managers, and to the clients of Riverbend Senior Services. Jamie has responsibilities to her clients, co-workers, and her family.

    Consider one of these two individuals and apply some of the theories and concepts about the self from the unit readings to that individual. What issues is this person having that seem to relate to self, self-image, or self-esteem? If you were to talk to either of these individuals about the role of the self, what aspect of the self would you tell that person about and why?

    Refer to the unit readings and other relevant sources and be sure to provide citation information as appropriate.

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    Thank you for choosing Brain Mass. This is an excellent transcript. First, we are dealing with multiple issues here in that if Jaime has received, as Tim had said to Jeff, "multiple performance improvement plans", and opportunities, then, how do we know how that information was relayed to Jaime? For example, if Tim is growing frustrated, which based on the transcript, and this is known to Jaime in the way she is approached, how the expectations in the PIP are relayed, how she is treated by others on the team, and how she is confronted about other behaviors, e.g. showing up late, she may be somehow setting herself up, or sabotaging herself based on her level of confidence that is pivotal to the expectations others have of her on the unit.

    Let's apply the Social Cognition theory and its tenets here in this respective Workforce. To begin, the Social cognitive theory is really what I like to call subcategory of cognitive theory that focuses on the effects that others, take for example our bosses, have on our behavior. It is a form of learning theory, but differs from other learning theories such as behaviorism in several major ways. See, as far as self esteem and sense of self, let's apply this theory. People learn by observing others, a process known as vicarious learning, not only through their own direct experiences. If Jaime is directly in contact with people who question her ability, complain, and are, or whom she ...

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    Social cognition in the workplace is examined. The solution examines two individual workers.