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    Motivation Theories & Workplace Dynamics

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    Can you please guide me in answering these questions so I can complete a very complicated assisnment. Thank you in advance.

    What theory/theories of employee motivation could be used to increase productivity and why?

    How can knowledge of human behavior, cognition, and affect, be used to enhance relationships in the workplace?

    How can organizations reduce workplace stressors for employees?

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    Increasing Productivity via Motivation

    A manager's primary task is to ensure that goals are met and tasks are done. To do this, a manager must have the skill and capability to bring out the best in an employee for the purpose of efficiency, effectiveness, creativity and increased production. The standard equation is thus: Job Performance = abilities + skills x motivation. Motivation then is a huge factor in employee productivity and while it is ideal the practice of motivation theories to increase productivity is usually easier said than done. From my point of view, however, there are 3 theories that can be mixed and utilised to do this. First, the theory of strategic structuring of tasks by the creation of work-related goals; this cuts tasks into manageable pieces that are feasibly accomplished. This should then be coupled by the theories of employee satisfaction - providing employees with a pleasant and encouraging work environment as well as satisfactory pay for their labours. The last and important motivational theory to be ...

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    The solution provides a discussion of theories of employee motivation that can be applied to increase workplace efficiency and productivity. Additionally, human behavior & cognition is discussed in relation to the formation of social dynamics (i.e. relationships) in the workplace. Lastly, workplace stressors and a suggestion of mediating said stressors is also included in the narrative. The solution is in the form of a 718-word APA-format essay. References both web and print are provided. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.