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Grief and Family Systems

Review the Riverbend City mission for this unit. Consider how the family has progressed in coming to terms with Sheldon's illness and approaching death. How have things changed? What factors now need to be considered?

Imagine that you will be joining this family's care team as a counselor. Your role is to:
- Assess and describe the issues—both continuing and new—that are facing this family.
- Identify the disruptions that you anticipate for this family.
- Suggest an appropriate mode of intervention for the family.


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A) Grief and Family System- Case Study:
Issues to assess and consider:
i)Judith- patient's younger sister who does not understand her behavior is putting a lot of stress on her brother
ii) Judith- patient's younger sister's own issues of faith is impacting the wishes of the patient ie. eulogy
iii) Judith and Shirley tension- family dynamics- old resentments and impressions of each other has lead to negative stereotypes and escalated the conflict
iv) patient's physical pain and closeness to dying- patient cannot wait another 3 weeks to die so to accommodate his sister's schedule.
v) Bruce - patient's son is in the mediator and doer ...

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This is a case study of how to deal with funeral, eulogy, death and dying wishes.