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The Eight Core Abilities of a Social Worker

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The 8 abilities constitute the core of what it means to be a social worker. Each of these abilities present their own challenges and may not be a particular area of strength for you. As you read through and examine what each ability mean and how they apply in a mental healthcare center

1.Identify as a Reflective Professional Social Worker
2.Advocate for Social, Economic and Environmental Justice
3.Apply Social Work Methods
4.Uphold Social Work Values and Ethics
5.Integrate Cultural, Economic, and Global Diversity
6.Think Critically about Theory and Research Knowledge
7.Communicate Effectively
8.Develop as a Social Work Leader

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The eight core abilities of being a social worker means that we are a caring bunch who thinks through various problems of their clients and works out probable solutions to these problems. Social workers have the power to share and listen. Social workers can work for schools at the various levels and help students, teachers and even administrators with their issues and/or organizing programs and workshops. All social workers have been trained to be ethical and to follow the rules that they have ...

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