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Ethical violation case

Can someone help me understand by explaining what the ethical implications (APA) of Chuck's actions in the scenario listed below. According to the APA's Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, should Chuck report this incident to his supervisor? And, what are two strategies Chuck might use if Jessica is in one of his future classes?


Chuck is an undergraduate psychology instructor at a local college. On a Saturday night he goes to his favorite bar and runs into one of his female students, Jessica, from his course last semester. They begin to talk and he buys her some drinks and they dance. As the evening progresses they both drink a little too much and she invites him to her apartment, where he ends up spending the night.

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1. According to APA - he should report this incident to his supervisor. This is a serious matter -having sexual relationships with a student. He needs to explain this situation as there can be legal and ethical concerns.

i)having sexual contact with student is an ethical violation.
ii) not managing boundaries and ...

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