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    Ethics at Work Heritage Valley Hospital

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    Dear OTA,

    I am doing a project on "Heritage Valley Hospital" located in Sewickley PA on ethical behaviors and fundamental changes in the hospital organization. I think the ethical policy is within the website. I need 3 or 4 pages answering the following questions. Can you assist.

    Identified and analyzed an ethical case in the organization within the working hospital environment.

    Analyzed whether or not the organization has a reliable system in place to handle ethical issues.

    Analyzed and discussed whether the organization encourages people to come forward when they notice discrepancies between the organization's policy and practice.

    Analyzed the way the situation is handled when people point out discrepancies between the organization's policy and practice.

    Analyzed and discussed if people are rewarded and respected for taking a stand.

    Analyzed and discussed the recommendations for a basic approach to ethical problem solving for issues arising at work, in case the organization does not encourage disclosing problems when they arise.

    Used correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary. Cited all sources/ intext citations using APA format.

    Thank you so much

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    Heritage Valley Sewickley patients and visitors guide:

    The hospital has a policy of protecting the rights and dignity of all patients and promoting their rights. The hospital has a policy in place to protect the patients' rights as well as promote them. The hospital also has a goal of providing a safe medical care within an effective setting which is safe and compassionate. The patients are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities since they are given to all the patients at the earliest possible moments within the hospitalization course (Heritage Valley Health system, 2011).

    Some of the patients' rights involve personal privacy and respectful care which is given by competent personnel, knowing the rules of the hospital and regulations and applying them to their conduct as patients, rights of designation of whom they want their visitors to be while in hospital, and rights to good quality care and professional standards which are continually reviewed and maintained at the same time.

    In addition, there are also some responsibilities which the patients are entitled to such as the patients are expected to show cooperation with the hospital personnel, assist in controlling the level of noise that their visitors make in the room, respect other patients property and also the hospital's property (Heritage Valley Health system, 2011).

    Identified and analyzed an ethical case in the organization within the working hospital environment.

    Within the hospital working system, a case is reported where the patient did not receive high quality medical treatment despite the fact that the patient followed the right procedure in ...

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