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Important skills for a doctoral pursuit

What do you believe is the most important skill for your success during your doctoral pursuit? Why? At least 300 words. (Research is not required to support your conclusions but appreciated.)

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Social psychology deals with the interactions between the human psyche and the social environment. Doctoral study in this field lies on a foundation of theory - there is no research without an underlying set of assumptions. This seems to suggest that there is no one single 'scientific' approach to social psychology. The social psychologist must keep in mind that human beings are not atoms - they have free will and hence, cannot be totally predicted. This is inherent in the discipline. This also means that the claim to be purely 'scientific' must be jettisoned.

It's easy to fall into the trap of behaviorism or positivism where simple conditioning serves as the engine of social action. The fact that these produce crisp, focused studies does not mean that they lead to truth. Research in this field might be less than 'scientific' due to the complexities of the human psyche ...

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The important skills for doctoral pursuit are examined.