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Milgram's Classical Study

Analyze a classical study concerning the effect of group influence on the self.

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Classical Study

Milgram's classical study is of importance within the field of social psychology for it set out to investigate the effect of group influence on the self through observing individual behavior and obedience amongst group setting. Behavioral changes which are produced by the commands of someone or something in power or control is regarded as obedience. However, certain factors can influence individuals to follow commands that include destructive behavior; this is what Milgram's research in particular concentrated upon (Kassin, Markus, & Fein, 2008). By conducting research trials in which participants were instructed by an experimental authority figure to administer increasingly harmful electronic shocks to other individual participants, Milgram was able to determine the specific factors that can influence the levels of obedience.

During the ...

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This solution discusses Milgram's experiment and what we learned about the effect of group influence on the self from the study in 465 words.